Revolutionary Ice Trick Melts Away Belly Fat: Man's Astounding Discovery!

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Many people who struggle to lose weight always had more challenges than the average person. The conventional methods of exercising and counting calories have never worked for these individuals.

And it gets more challenging when being overweight also comes with a host of health issues such as heart attack and diabetes.

This was the case for Sarah after she has giving birth to her third child. Pregnancies usually come with extra weight gain since the mother has to eat for two.

Before her first child, Sarah was just your average woman with a normal healthy weight. Even after giving birth to her first child, she was able to easily get rid of the pregnancy fat with moderate exercise and diet.

But after her third pregnancy, the damage was near irreversible. While she kept trying to go back to her normal weight, her efforts were futile.

And this took a turn when at dinner one night, she collapsed and was admitted to the hospital. She was at risk of developing heart disease. Her husband Zac Miller at that moment realized that something needs to change.

While sitting in the waiting at the hospital, Zac came across a newspaper article about a doctor who became a whistleblower in the weight loss industry.

Ingredient cycle

In the article, Dr. Patla discovered a unique ice method that accelerates metabolic rate. An increase in metabolic rate is the fastest way to burn fat. This is why you often see skinny people who can literally eat anything and not gain any weight. 

Dr. Patla’s has claimed that his method is so effective, that many of the so-called experts in the weight loss industry doesn’t want it to be public knowledge. 

This ice hack uses six powerful ingredients found in the Himalayas to regulate your inner body temperature.

Inner body temperature is not how hot or cold your skin feels, it’s the temperature of your internal organs and cells. And further clinical research from Switzerland has shown that inner body temperature plays a role in how your body metabolizes fat.

When the inner body temperature is normal, calorie burning is fast and effortless. When inner body temperature is low, your metabolism is slow. In fact for every drop in inner body temperature, your metabolism slows 13% or more!

In this video presentation, Zac Miller share how you can also use the same hack to speed up your metabolism by 350%.

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